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Water Treatment


Most people are familiar with the build up of scale on the elements of kettles and immersion heaters in hard water areas in the country, however, scale formation in closed circuit central beating systems is rarely considered. In central heating systems, scaling is caused by the deposition of corrosion debris.

  water treatment image

Hard water scales up hot water tanks, boilers, pipes, and washing machines reducing their efficiency and adds to your heating bills.

The loss of boiler efficiency due to reduced heat transfer due to a small coating of scale can lead to as much as a 10% rise in fuel consumption, and further build-up can rapidly lead to overheating and a potential failure. In the extreme case, scale can build up to the point where the restriction of the water flow can cause a complete failure of your system.

Corrosion will affect all domestic and commercial central heating systems. Just how severe it is will depend on many factors including the types of metal in the system and the nature of the supply water, even the quality of the installation work can have an effect.

A Water Softener is designed to stop scale forming immediately and will even start to work on the scale already in your system, dissolving it and removing it from your pipe work and leaving it in a new condition. This has many advantages to the appliances in your home and work place.

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