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Power flushing

  power flushing image

It does not take long for a central heating systems to show signs of deposits of sludge and scale within the pipe work and radiators, which is a result of natural chemical reaction within the central heating pipes.

By power flushing the system, using a specialist pump, sludge and particle build-up is removed through a combination of a special chemicals flushed through the pipe work at a very high pressure.

Power flushing your central heating system has many benefits, such as improving the efficiency of the system, saving you money and improving the heat output and making your system quieter.

Amber Plumbing Solutions offers you an extensive central heating power flushing service to improve your central heating system’s performance.

We also power flush your system before we install a new boiler to guarantee that your system is free of sludge and deposits.

power flush image

Have you got an old heating system, or even a fairly new system and no heat? No problem.

We won't insist on you fitting a new boiler like some plumbers, we can power flush your old radiators and system and get them working again.

Amber Plumbing Solutions can give you a no obligation quotation,

give us a ring or send us an e-mail.